WOW. Smiling from ear to ear. Today I joined the Onederland club.

I am 5.5 months out. Down 93 pounds. I don’t look like my old self. I don’t
feel like my old self. I don’t eat like my old self. I am not addicted to food
like my old self. I am healthier than my old self. I am happier than my old
self. I don’t miss my old self!

I have no regrets. It hasn’t been and still is not always easy. I am still
learning and adjusting but oh my! I had fears about this before I did it. I,
however, was ever turning back from the decision.

I work out because I love it….no longer because it’s the only way to gain
weight slower. I eat because my body needs food. I eat what I want. I don’t
worry about obesity anymore. I don’t dread a day when I will gain it all back.
I enjoy clothes shopping (although I don’t do it much because I will be too
small for what I buy in a few weeks). I just passed my motorcycle test!
wooooot Yes I’m a biker chick now! I look hot on my ACE..hehe. I don’t see
people looking at me anymore. I don’t feel looked over at places because of my

Life is glorious in Onederland! Thank you is too mundane.


Dr. R
292 pre op
199 now
goal ..who knows…maybe 180..maybe 150 let’s see
7 feet
34 min
5 foot 5 in

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