Failed LapBand Patient

Another Failed LapBand Patient


I am new to this MGB site. I have been trying to get all of my requirements completed for surgery. I feel like I am almost there.

I am going to Las Vegas hopefully at the end of Oct. 09. I would love to here from everyone  about their story and their struggles.

My Name is Renee, I am a 56 yrs. old. I am a mom and grandmother too.

I am a prior lapband pt.

I had the band removed in June 2008 after 4.5 yrs of struggling with it.

I have gained most all of the weight I had lost back.

I found Dr R’s web sight and hopefully the rest will be history.

I became malnourished and developed potentially serious medical problems.

I am doing much better but still am fighting the weight battle.

I hope this surgery will finally help me control my weight and be healthy.

Look forward to talking with you.


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