Happy Post Op Canadian Patient


Onederland today –


Had my surgery Jan. 14/09 and am 100 pounds off! I feel great! I now weigh 175 pounds.

Now my nickname is “Slim” I’ll take that anytime. My friends that had the MGB the same time as me have far surpassed me but that’s ok – everyone loses at their own pace. My goal is 145 – I think I can do that – no….I know I can do that!

I’ve had some struggles over the months with some vomitting, diahrea but its still worth it. Unfortunately my blood pressure has been rising lately and my doctor put me back on meds. I know its not my weight though – its the stress at my job. My boss puts alot of pressure on me. It went up as high as 216 over 90.

That was really scary – it’s never been that high – even when I was fat. I keep my blood pressure cuff at work to monitor it.

Dr. R. suggested I buy one and I’m glad I did.

By the way – thanks Dr. R. for changing my life I haven’t weighed 175 for almost 20 years!!

I feel so lucky because this all
started with my very own doctor in Ontario telling me about the MGB and how his other patients tried it and were successful.

I was immediately interested especially when he told me it would be covered by the Ministry of Health, and I didn’t have to wait for it. I was one of the last ones to be covered. Unfortunately the Ministry is no longer covering it – and I feel bad for the people that can’t get it covered. So many of my friends here in Ontario would like to have it done but just can’t afford it.

The Ministry will cover the RNY (you don’t want that) but no more out of the country surgeries.

Thanks again to Dr. R and his whole gang in Nevada!

From one happy Canadian!!
Denise – 48 yrs.
Jan.14/09 – surgery – 275 lbs.
Sept. 20/09 -175 lbs.
Goal – 145 lbs.

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