Another Failed LapBand

Dear Dr Rutledge

I had a lap band placed in April 2007.

I lost about 30 lbs initially and never was able to get to the right fill for weight loss.

A year later, I developed an incisional hernia that I had repaired.  The surgeon I chose to do the repair was a general surgeon where I work so it was cheaper.  Well, she didnt use mesh.  Needless to say, months later I have another incisional hernia, 3 times bigger and still no weight loss.

I work with 2 nurses who had the MGB with you a year ago.  Both are very happy with results.  One of them had a failed band and you took out the band and did the MGB.

I would like to know if you can fix the hernia, take out my band, and do a MGB in one surgery and would I be looking at more than the $17,000.

If this is possible I am so ready to get this taken care of once and for all.  Please let me know what you can do for me.

Thank you,


Assistant Nurse Manager

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