More Surgeons Abandoning the Band; The Band is a “Disservice” to Morbidly Obese!

Canadian Group call the Band a “Disservice” to the Morbidly Obese and that it “cannot be justified”
Amazing and strong words but consistent with Dr. Rutledge’s opinion for the last 10 years.

Amplify’d from

Stunning New Research Statement from Canadian Lap Band Group:

“… Placement of a gastric band appears to be a disservice …”

“The placement of a gastric band
appears to be a disservice to many morbidly obese patients

and therefore, in the current culture of evidence based
medicine, the prevalent use of laparoscopic gastric banding
can no longer be justified.
“  Dr.’s Guller, Klein and
Hagen from the Center for Excellence in Bariatric Surgery,
University of Toronto, Department of Surgery, Ontario, Canada.

Furthermore, they state: “There is
mounting and convincing evidence that laparoscopic gastric
banding is suboptimal at best
in the management of morbid
obesity. “
“Although short-term morbidity is low and hospital length of
stay is short, the rates of long-term complications and band
removals are high, and failure to lose weight after laparoscopic
gastric banding is prevalent.”



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