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Just want to let everyone know, who is thinking about or planning their MGB surgery, MAKE SURE YOU QUIT SMOKING & CAFFEINE AND/OR ANY OTHER VICE (DRINKING/CERTAIN MEDS) THAT MIGHT CAUSE YOU WITHDRAWAL!  Learn from me, it will Not be a easy or pain free recovery for you if you don’t.  Do yourself a favor and get off whatever you are doing, get past the withdrawal BEFORE your SURGERY!

I hadn’t completely stopped smoking and was only drinking one diet coke a day, when I had my surgery, and I paid for it afterwards.  Pain oh my gosh, the pain of withdrawal coupled with the surgical recovery, made me feel like I was dying.  I actually went back to the hospital, only to find out that there was nothing wrong with my MGB (thank goodness!), it was all withdrawal amplifying any pain I was feeling.  Nothing can be done to help you at that point, you just have to suffer through it.

I hope my experience can help anyone else from making the mistake of not heading Dr. Rutledge’s warning to get off your addictions before surgery.

Renee W.
Dr. R/May-11-11
7′ bypass/height 5’1″
pre-op 279/now 270/goal 130

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