National Data Clearly Shows the MGB Advantages in Length of Stay

One common and important measure of quality of care is hospital length of stay.

Although not perfect, in general, hundreds of studies and guidelines have shown that shorter length of stay is associated with better quality of care.

Recent data show that for the RNY patients operated at the best centers in the US less than 1-2 % of patients stay in the hospital for 1 day (24 hours or less)

In contrast over 94% of MGB patients are hospitalized for 24 hours or less.

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Thinking About a
RNY?  Newly Published Data:  RNY Bypass Hospital Stay
2-3 Times Longer than Mini-Gastric Bypass

Newly published data (Nationwide Inpatient Sample, Bariatric
Outcomes Longitudinal Database and University Health Consortium)
shows that hospital stay for RNY Gastric Bypass patients it
2-3 times longer than the median 1 day stay for the
Mini-Gastric Bypass with Dr. Rutledge.  The national
standard setting company Milliman and Robertson has suggested a
new standard goal for hospital stay for gastric bypass be
to 1 day, based, in part, on Dr. Rutledge’s results with the
MGB.  Several prominent RNY surgeons wrote that
forcing RNY patients to meet the 1 day hospital stay attained by Dr.
Rutledge with the MGB would
seriously endanger RNY bypass
.  MGB short, simple effective and revisable
surgery.  Median hospital stay 1 day in the hospital.

In another recent study:
Stricture After RNY:
4-10%, Reoperation 4-5% and Leak 1%
,  A review of patients
who underwent RNY: Stricture rate 10% and 4% in the hand-sewn
group. 4 patients from the stapled group and 6 from the
hand-sewn group (5%) needed early reoperation



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