Yikes!! The MGB “Done Wrong!”

Watch this video for an example of how to do the MGB Wrong!
This is an example of the “OLD LOOP” form of the original gastric bypass developed by Mason.

No, No, No….

The Mini-Gastric Bypass needs a long gastric pouch to kee the bile from the esophagus!!!

Amplify’d from www.limarp.com

Mini Gastric Bypass Sugery

Mini Gastric Bypass SurgeryThe minigastric bypass or one anastomosis bypass is a highly effective weight loss procedure.

The majority of weight loss is caused by the restriction of food and calorie intake, however a small component of the procedure is directed at limiting calorie absorption due to the small intestine bypass.

Minimally invasive approach (Laparoscopic) makes it a simpler procedure and less operative time than the gastric bypass.

Lower risk of leakage or intestinal obstruction as compared to gastric bypass.

Creates a small stomach pouch that fills just a small amount of food. The small intestine bypass limits the calorie absorption.

Excellent short and long term results. Very effective alternative for sweet eaters.


See more at www.limarp.com


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