RNY Gastric Bypass Poor; Duodenal Switch Worse?

Editorial says weight loss surgery should not be done for weight loss?

Now you know why we like the MGB.

Better long term weight loss than RNY, less complications than DS/BPD

Amplify’d from www.medscape.org

Adverse Events of Duodenal Switch Surgery May Outweigh Benefits CME

News Author: Laurie Barclay, MD
CME Author: Charles P. Vega, MD

Study Synopsis and Perspective

Compared with gastric bypass bariatric surgery, the harms of duodenal switch surgery may outweigh the benefits, according to the results of a randomized controlled trial reported in the September 6 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

“Gastric bypass and duodenal switch are currently performed bariatric surgical procedures,” write Torgeir T. Søvik, MD, and colleagues. “Uncontrolled studies suggest that duodenal switch induces greater weight loss than gastric bypass.”

In an accompanying editorial, Edward H. Livingston, MD, from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, notes that bariatric operations have a very high rate of lifelong complications and a minimal effect on overall survival duration.

“Bariatric operations should be done to control an immediate medical problem that surgically induced weight loss is expected to resolve; examples include diabetes and sleep apnea,” Dr. Livingston writes. “In this context, weight loss per se is not the goal, but rather control of comorbid conditions. Thus, duodenal switch is not an appropriate operation because the added weight loss compared with gastric bypass is offset by complications that far outweigh any potential benefits.”

Read more at www.medscape.org


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