IFSO President's Charge for Creation of Varianational Committee New Procedures Committee Committee

From President Karl Miller 9/14/2010 Re Mini-Gastric Bypass Society creation  “I would like to ask you if you could imagine to run a committee in the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders as a chairman with your group instead of competing with IFSO. We all would benefit to bring surgeons with different meanings and ideas together instead of separating. Worldwide different alternative surgeries are performed and I believe it would make sense to have such a Committee…”

The Name of the committee should involve all Procedures which are under clinical use and alternatively to the standard procedures (e.g. jejunal interposition, loop Gastric Bypass). You could propose the name … of the committee.

Varianational Committee New Procedures Committee, or any other name you could imagine that represents effective intestinal procedures alternatively to GB, GBP, Sleeve, DDS, BPD.

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