Membership Update on ASMBS BSCOE and Relationship with Surgical Review Corporation

Dear Colleagues,

The Executive Council of the ASMBS has terminated our contractual relationship with the Surgical Review Corporation. This will be effective on March 31, 2012 as required by our contract. The decision to terminate the contractual relationship between ASMBS and SRC was based on the following:
Despite multiple attempts to work in a collegial fashion by ASMBS leadership over years, including a new contract, the working relationship with SRC leadership remains difficult and combative.
Lack of transparency surrounding the use of data and lack of disclosure of financial information makes it difficult for ASMBS leadership to ensure credibility and security of the ASMBS quality program, especially in light of recent public filing of the SRC 2010 tax return which shows unpaid payroll taxes due in excess of $576,909.
Certain SRC executive leadership and board members are in a position to personally benefit from service at SRC in contradiction to their charter.
Failure to notify ASMBS of data releases within 30 days as required by contract.
Use of data collected in BOLD provided to industry without appropriate oversight by the ASMBS.
Unwillingness of SRC to accept the leadership of ASMBS in providing guidance and oversight for the evolution of the current program.
Desire of the ASMBS membership to see a unified accreditation program with the ACS and opposition by SRC to that process.

The ASMBS BSCOE will no longer be administered by SRC. All programs will be moved to the ASMBS and directly administered by the ASMBS. Next week you will receive specific instructions to accomplish this transition.

The current ASMBS BSCOE program, with the current structure, remains in effect with the same relationship to all payors. An injunction against any action taken by SRC against the ASMBS and our programs has been filed in federal court due to the serious nature of the allegations against SRC.

The ASMBS will not recognize, promote or encourage any accreditation by any non-ASMBS recognized designation. Any future SRC-related accreditation will not represent the ASMBS.

We thank you for your support during this transition. The ASMBS Executive Council and Staff will work hard to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Executive Council

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