Very Low Calorie Diet => 20% Decrease in BMI similar to Lap Band




Overall severely obese subjects had an major weight loss after

6-month very low calorie diet.

Patients lost an average of 25 + 10 kg after the 6-month very low calorie diet,

= -20% of their original body weight.

The Mean BMI decreased from 45 + 5 kg/m2 to

38 + 5 kg/m2 P < 0.001,

= -19% of decrease from their original BMI.

Mean waist circumference decreased from 136 plusminus 15 to 108 plusminus 15 cm P < 0.001, as -23% of initial waist circumference. Percentage of body weight,

BMI, and waist circumference changes did not significantly differ between men and women.


In a study of Lap Band patients:

body mass index decreased from 48 to 39 in 9 months and from 47 to 37 in 12 months.


Study design

This was an interventional study in severely obese subjects (BMI >40 kg/m2) who underwent very low calorie diet weight loss program. The weight loss program included medical, behavior (e.g., lifestyle counseling), and nutrition intervention. 

All obese patients seeking treatment were consecutively recruited from the weight loss program at Hamilton General Hospital run by the Cardiovascular Obesity Research and Management Centre. Twenty consecutive white severely obese outpatients (BMI 45 plusminus 5 kg/m2, 12 women and 8 men, mean age of 35 plusminus 10 years) who were eligible for the 6-month weight loss program were enrolled in the study. 

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