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22 thoughts on “Contact Us:

  1. I had mgbs about 10 years ago I have been struggling weight wise up, down and can not seem to maintain my weight to what I was the first few years. I don’t really eat food but when I for it’s sweets. I would like to get back on the E-mail list and see if I can read/chat with other so I can get back to what I feel is a good healthy size for me.
    thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Sharon – I have the same challenges – there are days when all my system will tolerate is potato chips – salad is not my friend. Too much protein makes me constipated and I end up with constipation.

      I’ve gone back to chicken broth etc. but it’s hard to maintain.

  2. If anyone has had a revision to keep the weight off would you please contact me or 270.210.9994 I have fear of gaining all my weight back… I have already put on over 50 pounds over the last 15 years since MGB

    1. Think twice about getting the revision. I had the gastric surgery 15 years ago and then 5 years later had the revision. I have kept my weight off and have been pleased with the surgery. However, I am now severly malnourished and suffer from various ailments caused by the surgery. I went blind 3 years ago from lack of vitamin A and had to go to Johns Hopkins to get a proper diagnosis. I now have a protein problem that has left me very ill and unable to function well. I am trying to get that under control now. My eyesight is now going bad again as the vitamin A shots I have been getting are no longer working. I am now going to get my surgery reversed or get my stomach “reattached” if it is possible. I have always been very healthy and these past few years have been a struggle for me. I’m trying to see “specialists” all over the country (luckily I have good insurance), but I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer worth the struggle. I have been told the cause of my problem is the revision. Another lady had her stomach reattached due to malnutrition so I’m not alone with this problem. I wish you luck with your decision.

      1. Thank you so much for telling me you story. I’ve been waiting for someone to come forward.

      2. Hey, I wanted to let you guys know about something that I discovered that can help you stay optimally nourished and not become vitamin, mineral, and protein deficient after surgery like we so often do. I am a pharmacist and also a gastric bypass patient (8 yrs post-op) and have suffered with the deficiencies ultimately leading to iron infusions and injectable vitamins to be able to get my deficiencies and anemia under control. I really thought that infusions would be a regular part of the rest of my life until I discovered an incredible nutrition product that is too good not to share.
        Zija Core Nutrition products contain a plant called Moringa Oleifera , aka “the miracle tree” because of the unbelievable amount of nutrients found in it. Zija has processed moringa into a tasty drink mix that you mix with water once a day and it provides all natural 92 vitamins and minerals, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, and all the amino acids, omega acids needed by your body for complete nutrition. This drink mix is in a completely bioavailable form that your body can use. It’s not only easily digestible, it’s verifiable cell ready, bioavailable and utilizable in human metabolism. And since it’s a liquid it can be used from day 1 post-op, no handfuls of vitamins to take (that probably aren’t absorbing anyway) or chalky protein shakes to choke down. Trust me, I’ve tried it all and this has it all (and I promise, doesn’t taste bad.) Since we also tend to have to watch our electrolytes I personally add one of the Supermix with one packet of the Ripstix hydrate (kind of like an all-natural gatoraid but tastes better in my opinion) to make the drink even tastier.
        Go to the following website to find out more and place your order. There is even an auto-ship option so you don’t risk ever running out. You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

    2. David, did you end up getting a revision surgery? I am now 10.5 years post-op and have steadily been putting weight back on. I have no idea how this is even happening as I watch how many calories in ingest daily, I watch my portion sizes, and I exercise regularly!! It is so frustrating and I am feeling extremely helpless =/

      1. I am also thinking about a revision but it has been impossible to reach anyone to discuss questions and concerns. I am almost 13 years post-op. I also watch what I eat, I stay up-to-date with all of my labs and take all supplements needed/required for my body, and I exercise, yet I cannot lose even a single pound!! I too would like to know why this is, it is entirely frustrating! My regular doctor just continues to say: “Exercise regular, sleep regular, and eat a healthy diet”…I already do these things and gain weight…does not make ANY sense!!

  3. A expressão em pouco tempo pode ser muito perigosa,
    pois historicamente um número expressivo de pessoas lança mão
    de práticas nada saudáveis para emagrecer ou ganhar músculos rapidamente”, disse.

  4. Hello,
    I reached out to Dr. Rutledge via email the other day, but have not received a response. What is your preferred method of contact? Would a phone call be preferable to email? Thanks,

    1. You can reach me by email or phone. However, I don’t know how to send you my phone number without it going out on the web. As you can tell, I’m not too tech savvy. I’m in VA now seeking medical help for my vitamin deficiencies. Life is good, but it ain’t easy!!

  5. I heard from another surgeon that Rutledge is in India doing his procedure. I have waited for months and months for a response from Rutledge and Im still waiting… Dr Peraglie 407.922.3424 in Florida or Dr. Hargroder 417.206.2900 in Missouri that also do MGB have a lot of answers to our questions about our MGB surgery. I have spoken to both and they are real good people.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, David. Honestly, though, after reading Peggy’s story, I am having serious doubts about going forward.

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  8. I came on here looking for advice, but am at a loss as it does not appear this site has been updated in years. I have also, in the past, reached via email with questions and/or concerns and have NEVER once received a response. I had the MGB performed in March of 2007 in Henderson and have recently started to gain some weight back. It is affecting me in extremely undesirable ways. I was hoping to find some information of others having some of these same issues and what they did to correct them, but I find nothing of that nature and the comments I am reading are years old. I was so impressed with all of this, especially Dr. Rutledge, until getting home and receiving no help. I am certain I have been considered a patient that has been “lost to follow-up”; however, I did everything I could to try and keep in touch. That being said, if anyone has followed diets that have worked for them, please feel free to share!! I continue to watch what I eat and exercise regularly; however, I still seem to be putting weight on. Any tips/advice??

    1. Julie -I’df you get this message, please acknowledge. I had MGB 20 yrs ago at the age of 49. I weighed 238. Lost 100 lbs & have done well. I have gained as much as 20 lbs, then I work to get that off. Today I maintain between 137-140. In the last few years, I’ve had some vitamin deficiency issues, but mostly my fault. Dr Rutledge explained that I would need to take 3 multiple every day for the rest of my life & I did not do that.

  9. Hello, I’m trying to get in contact with Dr. Rutledge or anyone from his office. I had surgery 7/30/2008. The last few days I have had a feeling like a staple is being pushed from my inside out. I’m worried one of the staples is pushing through and wondering if that is even possible? When I bend over, I can feel it, like a needle is being pricked. When I move it goes away. Please tell me what I should do because I have no idea. Thank you, Morgan

  10. i had my surgery in 2006 and lost 100 lbs. The original weight was 318, reduced to 218. Yes, I have gained 30 pounds as well. I try to diet, I walk on a treadmill 15 miles each week and I cannot lose the weight. Inflammation is one of my biggest problems. I that Dr. Peragile and Flo are still located in Central Florida. Great folks, but I have had any communication since my surgery. If you find a solution to losing the 30 pounds let me know at


    Bill Cox
    Tallahassee, Florida

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