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The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a Short, Simple, Successful, Reversible
Laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery.

**** The operation usually takes only 30 min., hospital stay less than 24 hours.

**** The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is low risk, has excellent long term weight
loss, minimal pain and can be easily reversed or revised.

**** Dr. Rutledge’s opinion: the MGB is short, simple and revisable; Like the
Band but it is powerful like the RNY but unlike the RNY it is easily revisable
(~30-60 minutes.)

**** The MGB cuts hunger by over half in contrast to the band which leaves
patients hungry and vomiting when they eat healthy foods.

**** Why have over 6,000 people come from every state in America and from over a
dozen foreign countries to have surgery with Dr. Rutledge?

**** Why have thousands of people turned down a free, insurance paid, RNY or
band, and paid, out of their own pocket, for an MGB!

**** Find out why doctors (surgeons, ER physicians, anesthesiologists,
gynecologists, internists, family doctors and gastroenterologists) nurses and
dentists are choosing to forgo their insurance coverage for a band or a RNY and
come to Dr. Rutledge for the MGB?

**** Why are surgeons in France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy,
Sicily, Germany, Austria, Spain, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Israel, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Australia, Costa Rica, Columbia, and more now choosing to abandon the
band, reject the RNY and offer the MGB?

**** Find out Call Dr. Rutledge right now at 702-714-0011 or email at DrR@clos.net

One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. You performed the MGB on me in 2002 in North Carolina. I’m 5ft 3 in. My top weight was 238. The procedure went well and I successfully lost weight and at age 68 currently maintain a weight of 145. I was able to come off blood pressure and cholesterol meds after losing 30lbs. The surgery saved my life, as I am a 20+ breast cancer survivor, as well as a brain tumor, and brain aneurism survivor. I had to battle my insurance company, but finally got them to reimburse me for the cost of everything. I do deal with some acid reflux, but control it with orange peal supplements. Overall I am doing very well & am thankful that I had the surgery. I am a very private person so only my family knows I had the MGB, but would recommend to anyone who medically needs & can qualify. It definitely extended my life and I wanted to let you know. God bless. Sincerely,
    Previous patient
    Connie Turner
    Bristol, Va.

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