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Saturday Oct 12, 2012

Live Interactive Case Demonstrations of Mini-Gastric Bypass

Live case demonstrations of Mini-Gastric Bypass procedures. To Be Held at Clinique Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (  On Facebook:  )  We have arranged a world renowned and clinically expert team to demonstrate the technical performance details of the Mini-Gastric Bypass in Paris on Saturday Oct 20, 2012.  For the main operators on Saturday

Dr Jean CADY: Medical Doctor, Member ofFrenchNationalAcademyof Surgery, and Member on French Society of Bariatric Surgery. Laparoscopic surgeon, Bariatric surgeon, Colo-Rectal surgeon.

Dr Renaud Chiche: Medical Doctor, Member on French Society of Bariatric Surgery. Laparoscopic surgeon, Bariatric surgeon, Colo-Rectal surgeon.

The space is limited to 20 surgeons and sign up is required at Sign-Up:

3-day Consensus Conference and Education Course on Mini-Gastric Bypass:  The increasing role of Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB) in the treatment of morbid obesity we feel dictates the need for greater acquaintance with this type of surgery.   In addition to the 2 day consensus conference we have arranged for a total of 20 surgeons observe and interactive display of live MGB surgeons with international MGB experts. We believe that all surgeons will find the laparoscopic bariatric mini-training program to be of value with respect to future professional orientations. Many surgeons have started performing MGB’s, and our goal was to pass on some of the experience with the thousands of prior MGB’s performed by these experts.

The most useful parts of the course will include discussion of the identification and treatment of complications, the use of new instrumentation, and surgical demonstrations (live interactive). We believe that the participants will very likely note presentation of novel knowledge by all participants.  The 2-day MGB course offers participants high-quality novel knowledge and excellent training quality, and we predict, significant impact on the quality of their patient care and on their personal career.

The influence of clinical demonstrations, on the confidence and skills of surgeons, when treating patients with newer surgical techniques, even when they have the requisite skills is enormous.  Studies show that surgeons who receive an interactive clinical demonstration prior to treating their patients were more confident of their skills and the details of their performance and as a result their performance improved.

Clinical demonstrations are difficult to arrange and manage, they are time consuming, but they are time well spent.  We are proud to offer an addition to the didactic teaching and discussion of the First International Consensus Conference on the Mini-Gastric Bypass / One Anastomosis Bypass.


A Live Interactive Demonstration of Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery to a limited audience of interested surgeons.  We know that surgeons who observe live demonstrations indicate higher scores for its helpfulness in performance of all the stages of surgical techniques, when compared to those who had observed a videotaped demonstration.

The Clinic: Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire private hospital

Located in the heart of the oldest district of Paris, the Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire private hospital allies the strength of a group and the tradition of the excellence. Geoffroy Saint Hilaire private hospital is a multidisciplinary establishment having 196 beds and places dedicated.  This clinic includes an intensive care unit for medical and surgical cares and provides all modern technologies and services.


Our Commitment to Excellence in Patient Safety as well as Surgeon Education

Please know that we are committed to the highest levels of patient safety and are committed to the patient’s outcomes from live case demonstrations of the Mini-Gastric Bypass procedures.

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