Gastric bands show “poor results”

People have “exaggerated expectations” of the potential for gastric band surgery to help them lose weight in the long term, according to the author of a new study published last week.Amplify’d from http://www.flanderstoday.euGastric bands show “poor results” People have “exaggerated expectations” of the potential for gastric band surgery to help them lose weight in the … Continue reading Gastric bands show “poor results”

Complications after Lap RNY Bypass

Three hundred sixty-two patients Primary RNY Bypass (PGB) and 108 from Secondary RNY Bypass (SGB). Median operative time was 109 to 194 min 1 1/2 to 3 hrs. Median hospital stay was ** 4-5 days ** Early complications 10%-22%. Re-operation was necessary in 3% - 8%Amplify’d from Obesity Surgery Volume 21, Number 6, 692-698, … Continue reading Complications after Lap RNY Bypass

Study: Poor Results From Lap-Band Surger

March 21, 2011 -- Long-term results for Lap-Band weight loss surgery are relatively poor, according to a new study from Belgium.Amplify’d from http://www.webmd.comStudy: Poor Results From Lap-Band Surgery Researchers Say Weight Loss From Lap-Band Is Relatively Low; Critics Say Study Has Flaws By Kathleen DohenyWebMD Health News Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD March 21, … Continue reading Study: Poor Results From Lap-Band Surger

Excess weight loss after the MGB

Excess weight loss after the MGBAmplify’d from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govObes Surg. 2005 Oct;15(9):1304-8.Continued excellent results with the mini-gastric bypass: six-year study in 2,410 patients.Rutledge R, Walsh TR.The Centers of Excellence for Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery (CELOS), Las Vegas, NV 89144, USA. dr_rrutledge@hotmail.comAbstractBACKGROUND: There is a growing body of evidence showing that the Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a safe … Continue reading Excess weight loss after the MGB

Revision for excess weight loss

Amplify’d from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govObes Surg. 2007 May;17(5):622-30.Conversion of vertical banded gastroplasty to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass results in restoration of the positive effect on weight loss and co-morbidities: evaluation of 101 patients.Schouten R, van Dielen FM, van Gemert WG, Greve JW.Department of General Surgery, University Hospital Maastricht, the Netherlands. r.schouten@surgery.azm.nlErratum in:Obes Surg. 2007 Jul;17(7):996. AbstractBACKGROUND: Vertical banded … Continue reading Revision for excess weight loss

Long term complications of Lap Band

This is accompanied by a high complication rate and a 29% band loss rate. long-term results with laparoscopic gastric banding in patients with an observation period of at least 9 years calculated from the date of operation.Amplify’d from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govObes Surg. 2010 Aug;20(8):1078-85.Long-term results and complications following adjustable gastric banding.Lanthaler M, Aigner F, Kinzl J, Sieb … Continue reading Long term complications of Lap Band

Green Tea is Good for You

green tea has significant genoprotective effects and provide evidence for green tea as a 'functional food'.Amplify’d from pubmedhh.nlm.nih.govU.S. National Library of MedicineTitle: Genoprotective effects of green tea ( Camellia sinensis) in human subjects: results of a controlled supplementation trial.Journal: Br J Nutr; 2010 Sep 1 ; ():1-8. PubMed ID: 20807462.Abstract:Green tea is rich in polyphenolic … Continue reading Green Tea is Good for You