What is the Mini-Gastric Bypass?  MGB = Short, Simple, Effective Weight Loss Surgery, that can be easily revised if needed

  • The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a Short, Simple, Successful, Reversible Laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery. The operation usually takes only 30 min., hospital stay less than 24 hours. The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is low risk, has excellent long term weight loss, minimal pain and can be easily reversed or revised.
  • Dr. Rutledge’s opinion: the MGB is short, simple and revisable; Like the Band but it is powerful like the RNY but unlike the RNY it is easily revisable (~30-60 minutes.)
  • The MGB cuts hunger by over half in contrast to the band which leaves patients hungry and vomiting when they eat healthy foods.
  • Why have over 6,000 people come from every state in America and from over a dozen foreign countries to have surgery with Dr. Rutledge?
  • Why have thousands of people turned down a free, insurance paid, RNY or band, and paid, out of their own pocket, for an MGB!
  • Find out why doctors (surgeons, ER physicians, anesthesiologists, gynecologists, internists, family doctors and gastroenterologists) nurses and dentists are choosing to forgo their insurance coverage for a band or a RNY and come to Dr. Rutledge for the MGB?
  • Why are surgeons in France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sicily, Germany, Austria, Spain, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Costa Rica, Columbia, and more now choosing to abandon the band, reject the RNY and offer the MGB?
  • Find out why?
  • Call Dr. Rutledge right now at 702-714-0011 or email at DrR@clos.net

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  1. Can mail to me more information on the mini bypass. My address is 19 Goldsmith Lane Chatsworth Georgia 30705 Thank you

    1. Dr. Rutledge doesn’t seem to be around anymore or practicing the surgery. I think he’s only training doctors. I had my revision by Dr. Hargroder in Missosuri.

    2. I need info as well on revision. My MGB was October 2005. Gained a lot back:-) thanks to steroids for inflammation from my autoimmune diseases. Thanks for letting me know about any info you received. Ty. Susan Koppelberger Michigan

  2. Hello Dr. Rutledge. You did my MGB in March of 2000 and did my husband Tommy’s in November of 2000. We have both been very happy with the results. Our 24 year old daughter suffers from pseudo tumor cerbi. I have recently learned that a gastric bypass has a 95 percent cure of pseudo tumor. Are there any doctors that are performing the MGB near Little Rock that you have trained? If her insurance does not cover the cost of the surgery, what would the cash price be?

    1. Hi, do you have a list of dr’s in the US (east coast) that do the MGB and/or revision?
      Thank you,

  3. I am wanting to get in touch with Dr. De Fonseka (GI) doc that was working with Dr. Rutledge. I need some past medical records of procedure he did on me for doctors here in my home town of Denver Co. How do I reach anyone involved in the MGB which I had by you 10 years ago?

  4. Hi dr. Rutledge. I will be celebrating my fourteenth year of my operation June 11th. I am pleased to say that the seven people that were in my litter I keep in touch with three others. We have all kept our weight off. So happy to see that you are still doing your magic

  5. How does anyone get to talk to Dr. Rutledge if they need medical advice from him since he is not around most if the time? I feel abandoned..

    1. You just call him. I felt the same way. When I finally got his number he us so VERY helpful. I am so thankful for him and his guidance. 6/5/04 is my mgd anniversary. He will answer or respond. You gotta email and he will send number!! Good Luck I put his email so you have 💜

  6. I am interested in a revision. I had my MGB 7-8 years ago and have gained 30lbs back. I need to know where I can get it done and how much a revision is? I had mine in Rancho Cucamunga, CA.

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  8. Before I can ever think about getting the mini gastric bypass, I would highly recommend that you demonstrate in front of everyone at the American Society for metabolic and bariatric surgery how it is done. Please.

  9. I need a copy of the bloodwork list that needs to be done yearly. I can not find mine. I had mine done over 6 1/2 years ago by Dr. Peraglie. I’ve called the office in Florida, and no one is responding bcz the number is wrong is what it said, no longer the number I’ve had it for years. Dr. Peraglie isn’t even responding to my messages. What is going on? have a new PCP, and he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. HELP!

  10. It will be 17 years this New Year’s Eve by Dr. Rutledge & I still losing weight & yes I did gain a few pounds but I am losing more now then I got down to right after the surgery hen stop losing. It changed my totally & in the best way possible & it still does. I couldn’t thank Dr. Rutledge enough.

  11. I had my bypass in 13 years ago and put on 30 pounds. It saved my life for many years. My only regret is not choosing a weight lower than what I told the doctors . 30 pounds is not going away no matter how hard I try to lose weight.

    The doctors were great ! I wonder if Flo is still alive, if so best regards to all.

    William Cix
    Tallahassee, Fl

    1. But why wait if gastric sleeve surgery in nearby Cuba is available without the wait? And at a fraction of out-of-pocket expenses any self-pay can afford. And as a bonus, you can combine your hospital stay with recuperation time at one of the terrific vacation spots.

    1. Dr R did my MGB in 2005 325#225#
      Revision 2007 225#\140#
      Current weight 140#

      I’m healthy and very grateful 💜

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