Program Outline:
Thursday morning, Oct 18

SECTION I: Bariatric Today: Surgery Choices and Outcomes

SECTION II: MGB Results with Large Series

SECION III: MGB/OAB Best Practice; Technical Performance

T12:30 Thursday Video Techniques Lunch 1

Thursday Afternoon :

SECTION IV: MGB Advantages, Long Term Studies & Other Topics

Friday Morning : MGB; Expert’s Experience; TIPS and Tricks , Complications and Risks

SECTION V: Beginning The Consensus Conference Final Statement

F12:00 Video Techniques Lunch II

SECTION VI: The End: The Final Consensus Conference Voting Statements & Planning for the Future


SECTION VII: Live MGB Surgery with Cady, ChiChe, Guerolt & Rutledge

Monday Morning Oct 22, Live Surgery in Lisbon Portugal w Dr. Rui Riberio/Dr Rutledge

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